The Trade Federation has traditionally maintained a strict neutrality in its dealings with other governments and companies, provided that those companies act in an honorable and trustworthy manner.

Allies of the Trade Federation

Endor Pact

Parties: Trade Federation, The Krath, Kolkpravis, Czerka Corporation, Alpha Medical Corporation, Matukai Dragons, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Type: Full Alliance
The Endor Pact is a military alliance established in Year 19 to secure the post-Avance space created after the merger of The Avance Coalition into the Trade Federation. Originally covering a small portion of the Galaxy’s south west, since then it has expanded to include other powers and after its successful intervention at Jakku the organization now acts as steward for the coalition running the system.

Neshig Accords

Parties: Trade Federation, Hapes Consortium
Type: Full Alliance
Relations between the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation date back to Corbin Esco’s reign as the first Viceroy of the Trade Federation. As the two governments grew so did their relations. This bond lead to the signing of the Neshig Accords, the first alliance of its kind for both the Trade Federation and Hapes Consortium. The alliance is an economic, military, and political partnership, meaning co-operative economic and industrial endeavors, mutual defense pact, and a joint foreign policy. Together with the Trade Federation, the Hapes Consortium shares jurisdiction over the sector of space called Neshig.

Diplomatic Contacts; Trade Federation Department of External Affairs

Lord Ambassador

Although not an official member of the department, Lord Ambassador is a honorary title reserved for the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. As Head of State, the Viceroy is considered the Chief Diplomat of the Trade Federation.

High Ambassador

The High Ambassador is the head of the Trade Federation Department of External Affairs. The High Ambassador is responsible for all external relations between the Trade Federation and other factions or governments. There is no diplomatic document the Viceroy signs without the High Ambassadors input. Because of this, the High Ambassador is considered one of the Viceroys most trusted advisers. Governments and corporations seeking to establish a relationship with the Trade Federation should contact the High Ambassador.

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