The Viceroy of the Trade Federation is the central figure in its political life. He is the ultimate authority in matters of state, warfare, and diplomacy, responsible for directing the enormous collective efforts central to the Federation’s success. Since the Federation’s re-foundation, over fifteen years ago, the crucial role played by the individuals elevated to the Viceroyalty has been played out time and again, and the maxim of every one of them to the present has been that ‘the Federation will rise or fall by the quality of its leaders.’ They are the driving force behind the entire government. (Read more…)


The Duceroy is not only the second in command of the Trade Federation, but the Head of Government. With the discretion of the Viceroy, these individuals often exercise powers similar to that of the reigning Viceroy. As the head of government, Duceroys are tasked with making a reality the Cabinet’s ambitions for the Trade Federation. They are responsible for coordinating to whole apparatus of state to this end; such are the requirements of becoming Duceroy, that they have only ever been drawn from the greatest Cabinet Ministers serving at any one time. (Read more…)


The Trade Federation Inner Circle is a coterie which forms the succession for the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, formed of 3-4 high ranking members of the Trade Federation. It serves to act as a balance to the Viceroy. Members of the Inner Circle can also serve in other positions within the Trade Federation.






The Cabinet is the chief decision-making body for governing the Trade Federation, its existence goes back to the re-founding, under Viceroy Corbin Esco. Comprised of the most senior officers of state, its authority to act on behalf of the Federation public and make decisions for them is almost without limit.

All voting members of the group are nominated by the Viceroy and confirmed by a vote of the rest. They all serve at the pleasure of the Viceroy, and can be dismissed at will. Non-voting members such as advisers are also present. Typically former Cabinet members, the entire Cabinet must approve the elevation of any individual to their ranks. Nevertheless, the individuals which comprise this body form the most trusted, competent, and senior people in the whole state. Without the Cabinet to advise the Viceroy and carry out their will, running one of the largest governments in galactic history would be impossible.

Minister of Interior

Minister of Defense

Minister of State

Cabinet Advisor

Cabinet Advisor

Cabinet Advisor


Although not formally a governing body for the Federation, the Directorate is the largest forum for debating issues from individual policy to the great matters of state. It has been the starting point for all past leaders of the government, and every Viceroy, Duceroy, or Cabinet Minister has cut their teeth here before going on to become the next generation of senior leaders. It is the breeding ground for the Federation’s future successes.

Director of Operations

Director of Production

Director of Industry

High Ambassador

Evocati Grand Master

Director of Admissions

Director Baktoid Armor Workshop

Director Centurion Arms

Director Commerce Guild

Director Kuat Drive Yards

Director Techno Union

Commander Joint Defense Fleet

Commander Federation Security Service

Commander Line Group

Commander Response Group

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