Ministry of State

Led by its Minister, State is tasked with preserving the Federation’s influence abroad and coordinating its Civil Society at home. Because of this dual function, its influence exceeds that of almost any other organisation throughout Federal space; whilst Interior and Defense are equally present on all Federation worlds, the diverse remit of State – from magazine publishing to alliance-brokering – brings its everyday influence right into the home of almost every Federation citizen.

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Ministry of the Interior

It is the role of Interior to supervise – or direct – the development, supply, and governance of all Trade Federation territory. For this to be effective the Ministry is divided into a myriad of departments that cooperate with each other to manage planetary and regional building programs, civilian and military production efforts, and the resourcing operations necessary to supply these demands.

To ensure that the operations of each department do not conflict with any other, the Minister chairs the Interior Directorate. Comprised of the heads of each department and each nationalized corporation, it is responsible for negotiating, planning, and executing each project the Ministry undertakes.

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Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense comprises all military and paramilitary branches of the Trade Federation. Responsible for both internal and external security it defends Federation territories from invasion in wartime, and keeps law and order in them in peacetime. This ministry also guards Trade Federation building projects, provides escorts for important personnel, and patrols trade routes to and from Trade Federation Space.

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