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End of an Era

In a quiet ceremony amongst the palace gardens of Camp Gunray, the Viceroy’s official residence on Taanab, Jacob Jansen announced his retirement. Attended by dignitaries, officials, and members of the Federation, the Cabinet invested Salamku Derov as the eleventh Viceroy of the Trade Federation on behalf of Viceroy Jansen.
While previous ceremonies of this sort have been marked with loud, patriotic celebrations in the capital Forsetti across the bay, the mood at Camp Gunray was light and cordial. In both their short remarks, Viceroys Jansen and Derov acknowledged the sense of de ja vu they felt. Two year’s previous Viceroy Derov had first succeeded Jansen before his health prompted him to resign, leading Viceroy Jansen to take on the role for an unprecedented third time.

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Year 23 Day 320 | | Royal

A New Chapter: Trade Federation Viceroy Appointed

The setting skies over Taanab marked the end of a historic day for the Trade Federation as Viceroy Jansen announced that he would be retiring. The Federation fleet had assembled for manoeuvres above the planet, clearly visible from the cities below, guiding dignitaries from across Federation space to the palace and putting on a display for the bustling crowds. In a ceremony held at the Royal Palace, Salamku Derov was invested by the Cabinet as the Trade Federation’s ninth Viceroy.

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Year 21 Day 292 | | Royal

Federation Day concludes with a Viceroyal address

Speaking from the “Esco Banquet Room” aboard the Trade Federation flagship, Prosperity, Viceroy Jansen began: “Today is a profound day both for the Federation, and for me personally. We mark Federation Day, a celebration of everything that we have achieved, not only over the past year, but throughout our history. From Viceroy Esco’s formative rule of our Federation through to my own administration beginning nine years ago. These celebrations throughout our vast community mark not only the tireless efforts of those who have built our Federation, they have another, more significant place in our history.”

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Year 18, Day 61 | | Royal