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Viceroy Schiller

Today in Forsetti, an understated ceremony marked a momentous shift in the Trade Federation. On D99, Viceroy Jansen announced changes to the Federation’s Charter intended to offer greater stability to the viceroyal office and make best use of the knowledge and experience of its most senior members. The change established a group called the Inner Circle, a small group of trusted and seasoned technocrats, executives, and civil servants. The Inner Circle provides a clear line of succession for the Viceroy, with each member serving a short, defined term before another member rotates on. Analysts have expressed some concern about the arrangement, but the changes have generally been well-received by pundits and public alike. Today, however, marked the first exchange of power in that cycle as Viceroy Jacob Jansen welcomed Nohv Schiller as the next Viceroy. Viceroy Schiller will serve for no more than six standard months before turning the office over to Vas Felix.

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Year 25 Day 217 | | Royal

Big Changes in the Trade Federation

At a momentous press conference earlier today, Viceroy Jacob Jansen announced a large change to the Trade Federation. “I am pleased to announce some major changes to the Trade Federation Charter. Since my return, I have been working on an easier way to transition power for the Viceroy, to make it easier for myself and my successors. After working together with the Trade Federation Cabinet, we are pleased to announce the Trade Federation Inner Circle” Viceroy Jansen proclaimed to the suspenseful crowd of dignitaries and officials.

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Year 25 Day 99 | | Royal

Surprise Resignation of the Viceroy

At a press conference today, former Viceroy Salamku Derov confirmed rumors that had been circulating since he stepped down from his viceroyal duties on day 286 that he would not be returning to his role as leader of the galaxy’s largest neutral government. Derov first ascended to viceroyalty in Year 21 before resigning in Year 22 due to health issues. Once he was cleared for public service, Derov resumed his duties on Y23 D320, relieving former Viceroy Jensen who had graciously stepped in to offer his steady hand while Derov recovered. Federation citizens were shocked when they learned on Day that Viceroy Derov had stepped back from his duties a second time, but had hoped that this, too, would only be a temporary leave of absence. But that was not to be.

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Year 24 Day 287 | | Royal