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TFMv4.0 Released!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of version 4.0 of the Trade Federation Market, now found at!

This project was a mammoth undertaking, spanning a little over 4 years starting with a design put together by Grimaldus Helbrecht and then code written by a collaborative effort between Dreks Selmur, Kaire Nat-Sa and Ted Winner with art from Kaire Nat-Sa, Jacob Jansen and Grimaldus Helbrecht and last but not least server administration work by Olwin Froon.

More recently, special thanks to our team of incomparable testers who have spent countless hours finding tons of bugs to help ensure things run smoothly for launch. These testers included Jacob Jansen, Nohv Schiller, Ro Ru Wok, Joyenne Southsand, Olwin Froon, Tanez Kalrade and Dac Kain.

As part of this release, we also completely reviewed the TFM Thief List and I want to express thanks to Tovakinpi Toshikhan, Jacob Jansen, Kaire-Nat-Sa and Dac Kain for countless hours over the past week hunting down and reviewing over 150 thief list entries to identify which were actually relevant and which weren’t

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Asrat Plaza Grand Opening Ceremony

A gotal reporter appears on your holopad as the Trade Federation’s anthem can be heard in the background.

“Good morning, we welcome you to a brief statement from the Trade Federation. We go now to a live feed of the ceremony taking place shortly in the Asrat system.”

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Year 22 Day 264 | Asrat System, Nouane Sector | Asrat Vendor Mall

Dorinian Military Corps Changing Hands

Since its creation, The Dorinian Military Corps has always been in Trade Federation hands as its sole droid producer. After many years of building up our Droid Army, the Trade Federation Cabinet has come to a decision to release the faction to the private sector and sell to long time member and entrepreneur Metyl Onyx.

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Year 20, Day 352 | Zeemacht Cluster, Taanab System | Economy

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