Asrat Plaza Grand Opening Ceremony

A gotal reporter appears on your holopad as the Trade Federation’s anthem can be heard in the background.

“Good morning, we welcome you to a brief statement from the Trade Federation. We go now to a live feed of the ceremony taking place shortly in the Asrat system.”

The screen transitions from the newly remodeled Trading I station to the reporter standing at a constructed podium and grand opening banquet set up within the Lobby of the station.

 “Good morning to all from the galaxy-renowned Asrat Hub. For over a decade the Trade Federation developed this system into a free market paradise, where customers of all walks of life could find everything from household goods, droids, military, medical, and survival equipment, and even a wide variety of starships and speeders. After months of preparations and negotiations with corporations and unique merchants from across the galaxy, we are proud to announce the grand opening of our newest commercial venture: the Asrat Plaza! I’d like to now invite the Viceroy to introduce the Plaza and open it for business.

Slightly cutting off the last sentence, an announcer for the Trade Federation called for quiet and announced the Viceroy to the podium.

“Good morning to all that were able to join us here at the station and to anyone that is able to join us via the live feed. After several months of planning and cooperation with all the vendors here, we are pleased to open the Asrat Plaza to the public!”

After a brief period of applause, the Viceroy continued.

“Onboard this station, you will find more than fourteen vendors selling clothing, tools, weapons, droids, and many custom items that you may not find anywhere else. We are also pleased to offer a variety of cultural foods from many different systems in our food court as well as their drinks in the lounge. We hope that you will enjoy visiting our Plaza and join us and your friends to join us here to celebrate!”

The camera pans back to the reporter as the Viceroy cut the Grand Opening ribbon.

“You’ve heard it here first – the Asrat Plaza is open to the public. I’ve been told that any inquiries for visiting or potential new vendors can be directed to the Plaza Superintendent Tanez Kalrade, the man standing directly behind the Viceroy during the opening.

That’s a wrap from Asrat – we hope you join us here soon!”

Year 22 Day 264 | Asrat System, Nouane Sector | Asrat Vendor Mall

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