TFMv4.0 Released!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of version 4.0 of the Trade Federation Market, now found at!

This project was a mammoth undertaking, spanning a little over 4 years starting with a design put together by Grimaldus Helbrecht and then code written by a collaborative effort between Dreks Selmur, Kaire Nat-Sa and Ted Winner with art from Kaire Nat-Sa, Jacob Jansen and Grimaldus Helbrecht and last but not least server administration work by Olwin Froon.

More recently, special thanks to our team of incomparable testers who have spent countless hours finding tons of bugs to help ensure things run smoothly for launch. These testers included Jacob Jansen, Nohv Schiller, Ro Ru Wok, Joyenne Southsand, Olwin Froon, Tanez Kalrade and Dac Kain.

As part of this release, we also completely reviewed the TFM Thief List and I want to express thanks to Tovakinpi Toshikhan, Jacob Jansen, Kaire-Nat-Sa and Dac Kain for countless hours over the past week hunting down and reviewing over 150 thief list entries to identify which were actually relevant and which weren’t.

Some highlights of this new release:

Look and Feel

  • Completely new look, the overall structure and functionalities are largely the same except as listed below
  • Mobile support: the website will be much easier to use on mobile.
  • Blue theme has been removed (but may return in the future). Users that were using it will be defaulted to the Light theme
  • New Automatic Theme: the new default theme (replacing the strictly light theme) uses your browser settings to decide which theme (light or dark) to use. This is also the theme that is used for guests (users that are not logged in)
  • New option to remove the blinking effect for events and request


  • Added an automatic OS, browser and resolution detection when reporting a bug

Price Index

  • Lots of work has been done to improve the reliability and the performance
  • All the data has been recreated from the order history to correct some errors that have corrupted some values
  • The “Recently sold listings” section now shows more details, including the price per entity and the sale date


  • The Asset Management System (AMS) has been retired and will no longer be available.
  • Since AMS was the only active subscription program the subscription system has been retired as well, but may come back in the future.

Market Points

  • Following a decision by the Trade Federation Cabinet the entire Market Points program has been discontinued.


  • Faction shops can now be created by 2ICs as well as leaders (as recognized by the SWC API)

Faction Account Access

  • It is now much easier for a user to be part of multiple factions


  • From now on when someone is added to the TFM Thief List the auto-added entries for accounts that have the “Automatically add new Thieves to your blacklist” option enabled will include the reason
  • If a thief is removed from the TFM Thief List all the auto-added entries will be removed as well
  • The TFM Thief List has been manually reviewed and updated to remove entries that were non-trade-related or people who have since passed away


  • The website now forces https to improve privacy and security
  • The algorithm used to safely store user’s passwords has been updated to follow best practices. When first logging into TFM v4 the password will be rehashed with the new algorithm and the old hash will be removed.


  • Quite a few bugs and problems with Raffles and Auctions have been fixed.
  • Added links to see a list of bids, offers and tickets sold (depending on listing type) when looking at your personal active listings.
  • The “Add listing” page has been reworked to be a bit more friendly. It should also now prevent listings from be created without a title or content.
  • A new filtering system is available when browsing specific categories on the market
  • The “Buy now” button has been removed to make sure buyers can see the whole description before placing an order

And More Behind the Scenes…

  • There have been huge changes behind the scenes that should improve the stability and performance of most of the website as well as to simplify the process of adding new features in the future
  • Some of our admin tools have been updated as well, to make it easier for both the Market Staff and the Dev Team to do routine operations like fixing/updating reviews or resetting user’s passwords
  • Fixed some wrong CGT date conversions
  • TFM’s API integrations have been expanded to utilize SWC’s WSv2.0 directly to import factions and entities instead of through an intermediary. As a result it is now a lot harder for the system to break and “forget” to create accounts for new factions or newly added entities.
  • Some old corrupted data has been cleaned up
  • New URL to more generically reflect the purpose of the market:

Should you encounter any issues or have any suggestions while using this new version of the Trade Federation Market, please report them in our bug/suggestion base here:

On behalf of all of us involved in this release, we hope you enjoy this new and improved version of TFM!

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