The second-largest territorial power in the Galaxy, the Trade Federation stretches across 22 sectors and 88 systems, where over one-and-a-half trillion Federation citizens reside.

When the Avance Coalition merged with the Federation in Year 14, the state’s total area more than doubled. To accommodate the enormous administrative burdens this entailed, two administrations were created to govern this expanded territory. The older territories in the northern sections of the galaxy are referred to as the Northern Regions. The former space of the Avance Coalition is referred to as the Southern Regions. Territories outside of the two regions are referred to the Extended Territories.

The Northern Regions are situated almost completely within the Inner Rim, sandwiched in between Imperial, Hapan and Mandalorian territory. Running through the middle of the territory lies the Perlemian Trade Route, a vital trade super-hyperroute starting at the galactic center of Coruscant and ending at Quermia. The territory is made up of 11 sectors, over 34 systems and a population totaling over 300 billion citizens. The region is home to the Trade Federation Capital System of Taanab.

The Southern Regions are on the far side of the known galaxy, situated in the Outer Rim along a hyperspace route known as the Sanctuary Pipeline. The territory is made up of 8 sectors, over 55 systems and in excess of one trillion inhabitants.

Each region has a military fleet stationed within responsible for policing and protecting the region as well many thousands of support ships, stations, facilities and logistical support units. Within each region are a number of worlds who are known as Purse worlds. Purse world is a term for important Neimoidian worlds adapted by the Trade Federation. These worlds are vital to Trade Federation operations and considered the most vital of all Trade Federation planets.

Northern Territories

Nouane Sector
Asrat System
Phateem System
Obroa System
Nouane System

Anthos Sector
Pengalan System
Berchest System
Korda System
Paonid System

Prackla Sector
Gravan System

Zeemacht Cluster
Taanab System (Capital)
Tirahnn System
Dalcretti System

Ktilac Regions
Berri System
Ktil System
Colla System

Orus Sector
Relatta System
Filordis System
Taspan System
Omonoth System
Mantesa System
Poderis System
Hijarna System
Joiol System
Chazwa System

Darlonn Sector
Vurdon Ka

Adari Sector
Sochi System
Adari System
Tala System

Zaric Sector
Korev System
Gelviddis Cluster
Kloper System

Southern Territories

Wazta Sector
Oko System
Karinda System
Wazta System
Dorriella System
Cuthbern System
Soarin System
Slotern System
Vassek System

Zuma Sector
Rodis System
Xal Cluster
Firrerre System
Houche System
Nibiru System
Shalm System
Fusai System

Moddell Sector
Murk System
Endor System (Southern Capital)
Annaj System
Maya Kovel System
Trindello System
Sanyassa System
Vasha System
Vex System
Kuna`s Eye System
UR-9353 System
UR-2650 System
UR-8827 System
Kuna`s Fist System
UR-3741 System
Zorbia System
Qina System
Thonner System
UR-1060 System
Ast Kikorie System
Kuna`s Horn System
Kuna`s Tooth System
Endor Gate System
Din System

Pacanth Reach Sector
Bunduki System
Fornow System
Panatha System
Ravaath System
Sorimow System

Bakura Sector
Bakura System
Cattamascar Cluster *
Gymelo System

Western Reaches
Jakku System

Extended Territories

Balmorra Sector
Neimoidia System

Neshig Sector
Vorsia System
Manress System *

Chommel Sector
Naboo System

Serpine System

* Under Federation Protection
These systems are not part of Trade Federation territory.

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