Centurion Arms

During a time of change and growing unrest within the galaxy, Centurion Arms emerged from the Damned, a collection of specialists that sought to leave behind the strife of the Black Sun and become known for their own prowess. Centurion Arms quickly rose to its own notoriety by making outstanding weapons that many governments, mercenaries and bounty hunters desired. Smuggling weapons throughout the galaxy, Centurion Arms built a reputation for excellence. A reputation that continues to this day.

As with all things, the time and need for the Damned waned, yet Centurion Arms continued to supply the galaxy with their arms, avoiding the hassle and turmoil brought on by other organizations. Samuel Flagg, then the President and CEO of Centurion Arms worked diligently to maintain the level of quality that Centurion Arms was famed for. Although he did well to keep Centurion Arms growing, he longed for retirement. After several years of working his heart out, he approached the owner, Tara Tylger. It was then that the Virryx Legion was contacted and recruited to assist in the management and dissemination of the company’s armaments. As a leader within the weapon producing community, it was the Legion’s Commanding Officer who promised to continue the ethical neutral practice of fair trade to all for the right price.

Time marches on and change is inevitable. Under new ownership, and the leadership of Weaponsmaster Vansic Helranth, Centurion Arms further built upon their solid reputation. A large program of inward investment in further production facilities, infrastructure and larger stockholding meant that the customer experience is even better with quicker availability and friendlier service.

Centurion Arms was incorporated into the Avance Coalition and continued to sell to the public while also producing weapons for Avance’s houses. Under Avance’s blanket and Kaire Nat-Sa’s leadership, Centurion Arms developed a distributor program that allowed multiple other groups to handle the sales of their products allowing a more-focused drive towards production.

When the Avance Coalition merged with the Trade Federation early in Year 16, Centurion Arms was brought into the fold of the Trade Federation’s Department of Manufacturing. While the distributor program was discontinued, Centurion Arms’ products continue to be available through the Trade Federation Market Network.