Kuat Drive Yards

Abbreviation: KDY
Faction Type: Production

Kuat Drive Yards or KDY for short is the most famous and largest shipbuilding corporation in the entire galaxy. The company manufactures and owns the designs for the Marauder-class Corvette, Firespray-class Interceptor, Cloakshape/H Fighter, Cloakshape Fighter, Pursuer Enforcement Ship and AT-PT. For years Kuat Drive Yards primary customer was the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire. KDY constructed many warships such as the victory, imperial and super class star destroyers. As well as many other Imperial and civilian ships alike. The company thrived under the leadership of Lord Myn Kuat for many years where he expanding the company to levels never dreamed of. But like all good things, Lord Kuat grew tired of the endless management of the company and decided to move on. In an unexpected move, Myn turned to the Trade Federation and sold the company to Viceroy Jacob Jansen in hopes the Trade Federation could continue leading KDY in his place. As Kuat Drive Yards settles on its new direction, its new leaders prepare to once again provide services to the public and to live up to the legacy their predecessors set forth many years before.