Confederacy of Independent Systems Sign 2nd Treaty of Forsetti

TFNN – Hevvrol Sector

Last week marked yet another shift in the rapidly changing political landscape of the galaxy as the Confederacy of Independent Systems was invited to sign the Second Treaty of Forsetti, formalising their accession to the Galactic Concordiate, on Day 143.

From a Lucrehulk orbiting the Confederate capital, Concordiate Magistrate Nohv Schiller, of the Trade Federation, chaired the ceremony aboard the CIS Cyclopsis which kicked off celebrations throughout the alliance. As images of the signing beamed across holostations, Magistrate Schiller addressed the vast chamber re-purposed for the celebrations. ‘This isn’t the first time I’ve envisaged this speech,’ he began, ‘almost from our inception the list of potential members has included the Confederacy.’ As he spoke the Magistrate emphasised that it was ‘thanks not only to the tireless efforts of Chairman Kutol and Head of State Logas that we are here, but to the seismic changes wrought to the Concordiate itself in the last two years, as well. Without both, it is difficult to imagine this auspicious occasion.

Magistrate Schiller then invited Confederate leaders to speak. Taldar Logas, the Confederate Head of State, spoke first, white hair mussed up, and mustache impeccably combed.

‘Thank you Magistrate, I won’t say much other than to thank all those gathered here, the Galactic Concordiate, and my fellow leaders, Siejo Kutol and the newly appointed Supreme Commander, Skyre Anasazi. The Confederacy started with a dream, and only through the dedication of hundreds of Confederates down the years has it become the governing body it is today. Without those beside me, we would not be what we are today, and without them, the Confederacy would revert back to being nothing more than a dream. Thank you… Seej, podium is yours.

Chairman Kutol was visibly excited as he moved to speak, a fire in his eyes, and a passion that radiated throughout the room.

‘Thank you, Taldar, and thank you to all for coming. We are so pleased to be finally here. The Galactic Concordiate is exactly where we want to be, it shares our passions and ideals. Ever since the original founding of the Confederate Government in Year 12, it has been my dream to join this Alliance, and here we are. This fit is perfect, highlighted by the fact that the very sentence which opens the treaty, and which defines its organisation can be found, in some form, in the Trade Federation Charter, the Falleen Articles of Confederation, the Tionese Codex, and our own constitution.

The preamble to the Treaty reads that ‘Determined to meet the conditions of a volatile and hostile galaxy in common cause, the Signatories have agreed upon a path of mutual cooperation to further the goals of peace, neutrality, and, prosperity.

‘I don’t think these are platitudes. Many of the Concordiate’s members share very different – sometimes opposing – political histories. But they are members of the Concordiate now, as we are, and seek to uphold those ideals. From here, I foresee only continued prosperity for our people and our newest allies as we work together on future endeavors.

Upon Chairman Kutol’s remarks, the video cut to the Lucrehulk CIS Cyclopsis, which began firing off celebratory shots from its batteries, while hundreds of T-Wing fighters performed manoeuvres in displays of skill and daring.The Galactic Concordiate now represents seven of the galaxy’s larger corporations, conglomerates, and governments. Spread over sixty sectors through forty different organisations, it is amongst the largest alliances in history.

Year 21, Day 143 | Hevvrol Sector, Cularin System | Foreign Affairs

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