Spearheaded by the Viceroy, the Trade Federation’s commercial agenda underpins its political ambitions. Through the Ministry of State this “Empire of Trade” is made a reality as an increasingly ambitious program of treaties, deals, and agreements includes a growing number of the galaxy’s largest corporations in a vast network of trade and mutual support, centered on neutrality in the Galactic Civil War.

Since the dissolution of the First Imperial Union, the Trade Federation has become the single largest commercial organization in the galaxy, operating one of the galaxy’s two major marketplaces and maintaining licensing agreements for Trade Federation products with almost all of the foremost producers in business.

All inquiries should be directed towards the Trade Ambassador, unless otherwise stated on the program in question.

Trade Ambassador

The Trade Ambassador (TA) is the primary contact for trade related dealings with the Trade Federation. The position can be both full or part-time depending on specific circumstances.

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