The Department of Culture acts as the voice of the Trade Federation. The department is responsible for publishing Federation news and events and will also help write GNS posts for the Cabinet. Staffed with many skilled authors and graphic designers who use their talents to help better the Federation.

Director of Culture

The Director of Cultureis responsible for the day-to-day administration of the department, coordinating the activities of the four teams which comprise it.

Ledger Editor-in-Chief

The Federation Ledger is a newsletter published by the Department of Culture for members and Citizens of the Trade Federation containing interviews, personal interest stories, and a variety of fiction and non-fiction accounts.

Chief Archivist

The Chief Archivist of the Trade Federation oversees the Trade Federation Library, a vast databank network run by the Federation government as the state’s national records office. It boasts a substantial archive of information from articles on notable people and historical events, to press statements and speeches archived for posterity.

Morale Team Leader

The Morale Team run games and events in venues all across the Federation for members of the community to participate in.

Art Team Leader

Out of Character Note: Some experience with art programs, such as Photoshop, is generally necessary to join the Art Team.

The Department of Culture’s Art Team acts on commission from the Federation government to produce images, banners, and other iconography for official events.