The Resources department is dedicated to locating, identifying, and extracting the rich mineral resources hidden deep within Federation worlds. It is also responsible for all demolition – decontamination and recovery – operations throughout Federation territory as an element of the Ministry’s wider economic planning. It is heavily involved with the Department of Industry, and often plays a leading role in preparing the ground for planetary redevelopment.

Closely connected as it is with the activity of all other departments in the Ministry, it is the keystone of the state’s development and one of the most influential Directorships in the government. Because of this the contracts to oversee resource rights across Federation space have been held in permanent monopoly by the Commerce Guild, a megacorporation with historic links to the Trade Federation and its reigning Viceroys.

However, a condition of this pre-eminence has been the cheap supply of raw materials to Federation members, who avail of low prices and large quantities for use on special ‘communal project’ worlds, where personal cities and factories can be built.

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