Small Business Development Program


The Trade Federation has, for over a decade continually sought, and been largely successful, in supporting the activities and ambitions of many of the galaxy’s finest entrepreneurs. The motives for this support of the trading community are manifold; the Federation is made up of individuals, from Viceroy to Cadet, committed to the Trade Federation’s founding principles, Honor, Integrity, and, Profit. The history of the Federation since Viceroy Corbin Esco’s reformation over ten years ago produced a legacy of both strong support for the galaxy’s trading community, and for the provision of an environment where contract is king. Honor and Integrity of contract are the foundations of the Trade Federation’s business reputation. It is a legacy the Federation is proud to bear.

Fledgling new businesses, and small commercial associations (i.e. many of the various sorts of SWC NFGs) have long been a cornerstone of the galactic trading community. Committed to new concepts, ideas, and, practices the individuals at the helm of these enterprises have time and again proven their ability to rise up and conquer entire industries when adequately fuelled by dedication, perseverance, and the insight of veteran investors. The Federation itself has derived great benefit from its role, and concomitant responsibilities within and towards galactic traders and new businesses. Over the long course of this active engagement, many individuals with whom we have formed a strong business relationship have subsequently taken the immense decision to bring their companies into partnership with the Federation. In a select few cases these individuals and their companies have even been purchased by the Federation or its allies with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Recognizing the success of these past investments the Trade Federation has chosen to expand, formalise, and publicise the process by which it invests in and helps to accelerate the growth and ultimate success of ambitious new start-ups and rapidly growing small businesses. As of Year 17 Day 243, we invite any entrepreneurs in good standing with the galactic trading community, who are also Trade Federation citizens, to apply for the Trade Federation Small Business Development Program.

Applications to the program can be made on the Trade Federation Forums HERE .

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