Trade Federation Market Enters a New Era

TFNN – Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

The Viceroy began, “It is my pleasure to announce that, after several hundred hours of work by the officials at the Federation’s Department of Trade and the many programmers at the Information Technology Development Bureau, the latest improvements to the Trade Federation Market holosite have finally been completed.” After pausing briefly for a sip of water the Viceroy continued, “In the nearly three standard years that the Market has been in operation we have had considerable success in attracting customers from across the galaxy. Additionally, throughout that period we partnered with many successful private companies to make a wide-range of highly sought after goods readily available. Despite the success of the market, with an average of over a billion credits a month in sales throughout its lifespan and with many satisfied customers, we nonetheless did not think development of the Market was complete.”

Continuing, “Over the years, and by taking in many of the complaints and suggestions which were made of the Market, we have re-envisioned it, and in so doing we have sought to make it far more flexible than it has hitherto been. The Trade Federation Market Network is now an open platform, no longer restricting users to purchasing solely from the Department of Trade and its manifold terms and conditions. Entrepreneurs, corporations, and governments all may now create their own shops and bazaars on the Market, and are provided with sufficient flexibility as to determine their own policies, procedures, and even who may purchase from their marketplaces. We hope this will encourage groups on all sides of the current galactic conflict, to utilize the new Market, and thereby foster greater interaction among the trading community.”

The Viceroy gave way to Director of Trade Tanez Kalrade; the latter opened, “We are really excited to release the upgrades to our market. Not only has the site undergone a complete overhaul of the user interface, we have included a variety of new features to better serve anyone who may wish to trade using our system. Not only are third parties now capable of adding wares to the Market, we recognize the continuing importance of the CPM and the wealth of information it provides. To that extent, we have interfaced with Centrepoint Market to include pricing information on each listing. The Department, too, has adjusted some of its own prices, and many will notice a significant drop on the prices set for most wares offered by the Department. As the Viceroy commented, however, the greatest addition, and by far the most significant philosophical change to way the Department has spearheaded the ‘Empire of Trade’ doctrine, has been granting each user extensive control via the addition of individual, and faction, shops, with a multitude of features. Every faction – whether government or private – that is in good standing with the Federation has an account already created in our system. Any faction leaders or their designated second-in-command can contact me for access.”

Deputy Minister Winner, the final speaker, closed the conference, saying, “With the release of the new Market, the Department of Trade has further inaugurated an additional sales point to service the southern half of the galaxy. It had been remarked several times as to how the Asrat system was difficult to access for a great many individuals from somewhat more distant sectors. I am therefore announcing the location of a second sales point for the Department at the Murk system, in the Moddell sector. It is our hope that this serves as a more convenient destination for those entrepreneurs and customers scattered throughout the southern sectors of the galaxy. Finally, I would like to close this address by extending my thanks to all who made the old site the success it was, and to all those involved in bringing this revolutionary new sales platform to the galaxy. I look forward to seeing great adoption of this new sales platform as people begin to use it and come up with their own ways to use the tools we provide to bring diverse sales to the galaxy on this one, new, centrally-located sales platform!”

Director Kalrade, commenting to individual reporters after the conference closed noted, “I am excited to see how the galaxy reacts to such a game-changing market being added in collaboration with Centrepoint. I hope to see the pair of marketplaces work together to bring a new era of trading and selling to the galaxy.”

Year 17, Day 288 | Zeemacht Cluster, Taanab System, from the Palace Trade Federation Palace in Forsetti | Economy

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