Kohl Straffer and Nova Blades Blacklisted

TFNN – Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

The Lucrehulk Battleship Caelestis departed the Vectina system on Y19 D136, and with it the Trade Federation forces under the command of Admiral Ru Ru Wok. Admiral Wok arrived at Vectina on Y19 D108 under orders from Viceory Nohv Schiller on a mission to help Ailon Nova Guard restore order after Kohl Straffer and his so-called “Nova Blades” sought to wrest control of the planet. Straffer, advised and aided by the Zann Consortium, had already seized a large amount of credits, ships, and military equipment for his coup. In addition to supporting the ANG forces at Vectina, Admiral Wok was tasked with coordinating the humanitarian mission to assist those citizens suffering in the midst of civil war. Detachments from the Kerdos Company, CorSec and The Wraiths also answered ANG’s call for assistance.

When Trade Federation personnel arrived in the system, however, the situation they encountered was significantly more complicated than had been described or anticipated. Nova Blade forces had already assumed control of much of the planet’s infrastructure, including many power generators, shield projectors, and computer control stations. After only a few exploratory patrols and convoys of food and medical supplies, it became apparent that the fight ahead of Ailon Nova Guard would last much longer than originally projected. After consulting with experts at the Ministry of Defense, Viceroy Schiller recalled Admiral Wok.

A source close to the Viceroy cited a wish to keep the Federation from being mired in a costly, potentially bloody conflict with no clear end in sight. “Once it became clear” the source confirmed, “that the onus of the conflict would be on the Trade Federation military, the Viceroy saw a tactical withdrawal as the only way forward in Vectina. The Federation could not commit the resources it would take to occupy a system outside our territory for an unspecified amount of time. Simply put, the situation at Vectina required a commitment which went too far beyond the initial basis on which we had agreed to intervene. As unfortunate as the system’s affairs were and still are, the Federation could not slip into war.”

The Federation strongly condemns the actions of Straffer, the Nova Blades, and of the Zann Consortium. Trade restrictions and bans remain in place and stricter sanctions will soon be announced. With the recent retirement of Viceroy Schiller, Viceroy Jacob Jansen has promised to keep a close eye on developments at Vectina and assures the Ailon Nova Guard that the Trade Federation will always stand ready to assist all allies in the most appropriate way.

Year 19, Day 136 | Zeemacht Cluster, Taanab System, from the Palace Trade Federation Palace in Forsetti | Defense

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