Commerce Guild

Official Name: Commerce Guild
Abbreviation: CG
Operational Territory: All of Trade Federation Territory
Faction Type: Production/Mining

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Driven to Dust
Back in the days of the Old Republic, there existed a group made up of many thriving mining companies that had a firm grip on the galactic market. This group, the Commerce Guild, had an unprecedented amount of economical power at its disposal thanks to its public alliance with the Trade Federation.
However, this power didn’t last long. Soon after, the Trade Federation, led by the greedy Neimoidian, entered the Clone Wars and the Commerce Guild, being its ally, joined alongside them and fought with the Confederacy of Independent System’s forces. The Confederacy was defeated and the Commerce Guild along with its members and mighty warships were hunted down almost to the point of extinction.

Soon after all traces of the Commerce Guild were wiped out from the known galaxy. But, the galaxy changed and with that change came the rebirth of the Trade Federation under the rule of Viceroy Corbin Esco which completely did away with the old ways of the Neimoidian leaders. The Trade Federation eventually reacquired its galactic status as a galactic superpower and moved its headquarters to the Glythe Sector. It is from here that the Commerce Guild would be reborn.

Reborn from the Ashes
As the Trade Federation continued to grow it branched off into many parts of the known business world. In a bold move the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a safe haven for all business to take place for its member groups, was reinstated.
With the reinstatement of the Confederacy of Independent Systems there came a need to establish a foothold in the mining world. To this extent, on Year 5 Day 199 Nereus Eruresto officially announced the rebirth of the Commerce Guild. Placed under the skillful leadership of former Trade Federation Secretary of Defense Dev Nul and with dedicated members like Andy Skyfighter and Kurner Dahtar on the roster, Commerce Guild was once again propelled into the galactic spotlight as the best mining faction around.

The Building of a Sand Castle
After Dev Nul stepped down as leader, the Commerce Guild went through a period of many short-term leaders. In year 8 Jetsi Seejay was appointed leader of Commerce Guild ending the stint of short-term leaders and ushered in a new age of prosperity. Under his careful supervision a defense force was established to protect the Commerce Guild’s ever expanding territorial boundaries, small outposts in the Khomm and Rigneldia were converted into thriving business metropolises, and a price list was set up to ensure maximum profit while ensuring that Commerce Guild continued to sell the cheapest raw materials in the galaxy.

A Legend Departs
After serving as Commerce Guild’s leader for quite some time, CEO Jetsi Seejay announced his retirement. During Jetsi’s time as CEO the Commerce Guild was at an all time best. Its net worth increased exponentially, more planets fell under its control, salaries were increased, and there were always young hopefuls waiting to join the Commerce Guild.
Following Jetsi’s retirement, Vice President Hjrool Ohr was appointed as the new CEO of the Commerce Guild. Unfortunately Hjrool’s time as CEO was short lived. Not too long after having assumed the role of CEO, Hjrool mysteriously vanished. After one month without any word from Hjrool, the Trade Federation’s Viceroy, Jacob Jansen, intervened and replaced CEO Hjrool Ohr with Vice President Glaeken Trismegestus.

The Castle Crumbles
Glaeken had grand plans of magnificence for the Commerce Guild. His first order of business was to move Commerce Guild’s headquarters to the planet Varno in the Varn System. Once complete, a vast construction project was started in the Khomm and Rigneldia Systems.
Unfortunately, despite all of these grand plans, Commerce Guild was becoming a wreck. Glaeken became what many referred to as a ghost. He was rarely seen and when he was, only a few were able to catch glimpses of him. Commerce Guild’s member count dropped significantly and as a result it had to close all public sales indefinitely due to the massive delays in preparing current and backlogged orders. The Commerce Guild was on the verge of collapse.

The Merge
It was at this point that the Trade Federation’s Viceroy Jacob Jansen and Duceroy Bub`ba Lou decided that it was time that they intervene. Rather than seeing Commerce Guild continue on its downward spiral, the two leaders proposed that the Confederate Mining Corporation, another highly successful mining company that was part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, be merged with the Commerce Guild. After a few discussions between the Viceroy, Duceroy and the leadership of both factions it was decided that Confederate Mining Corporation would be disbanded and that all of its assets and members transferred over to the Commerce Guild.
To lead the Commerce Guild into a brighter future, Jamaal Newport, then CEO of Confederate Mining Corporation, was appointed as the new CEO. With both Glaeken and Hjrool deciding to leave the Commerce Guild, veteran Commerce Guild member Kran Chan stepped up to the position of COO. Being a person who always focuses on improving what is needed; Jamaal didn’t waste a second with his plans to restructure the Commerce Guild into a well oiled machine and restore it to its rightful place as the galaxy’s number one mining faction. With such an amazing and talented group of people at Commerce Guild’s helm, it is without a doubt clear that it will not only reclaim the title as the number one mining faction in the galaxy, but also soar and prosper to greater heights than ever before. Commerce Guild’s future looks bright and promising!