Federation Day concludes with a Viceroyal address

The jubilant and decorous revelries marking the inaugural ‘Federation Day’ celebrations, and which culminated on D62 with an historic address from Viceroy Jansen to his Cabinet and Directorate, were beamed throughout Federation space.

Speaking from the “Esco Banquet Room” aboard the Trade Federation flagship, Prosperity, Viceroy Jansen began: “Today is a profound day both for the Federation, and for me personally. We mark Federation Day, a celebration of everything that we have achieved, not only over the past year, but throughout our history. From Viceroy Esco’s formative rule of our Federation through to my own administration beginning nine years ago. These celebrations throughout our vast community mark not only the tireless efforts of those who have built our Federation, they have another, more significant place in our history.”

“I have decided, after accomplishing so much in my time as Viceroy that it is time for me to step down.” The Viceroy moved quickly to calm the surprise then continued, “My closest advisers and I have been preparing the groundwork for this change over the past year, and Federation Day marks both the culmination of that process, and my final act as Viceroy. I am enormously proud to see this day come. Yet, equally, I am saddened by the knowledge that I will no longer have the privilege of guiding our great enterprise and leading such hard-working, dedicated individuals through good and ill alike.”

“Throughout my Viceroyalty, I have seen the Federation grow. Become stronger materially, politically, and economically. That progress has been built on a foundation of two things, our closeness as a community, and how this has motivated us all to keep that community together. The Federation is what it is by your – by our efforts – and I see no reason why this will change into the future.”

Over the course of his address, Viceroy Jansen acknowledged many of the individuals he personally worked with over the years, and paid tribute to their counsel for helping to guide the Federation through its most serious crises, with caution and professionalism. Towards the conclusion of his speech, Viceroy Jansen toasted his Cabinet and the assembled Directorate, “I thank you all for your efforts over the years. Leading a group as large and extensive as the Trade Federation is an enormous responsibility, one which would have been impossible without my Regents, Duceroys, Ministers and Directors.”

The Viceroy’s speech to the chamber concluded as the assembled leaders of the Federation rose to a standing ovation.

Sheathipeade-class shuttles from Prosperity landed at the Federation Palace in Forsetti, the Trade Federation capital, carrying the Viceroyal entourage and a host of government officials. Large crowds had gathered, at the environs of the palace complex, for the Viceroyal address which marked Federation day. Scenes from within the “Great Hall” were beamed to the crowds assembled, and across the Federation. The images revealed an array of prominent guests were in attendance for the speech. The leaders of the Galactic Concordiate were present; Ra’ix Chume Zayth Kadrim, Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot, Legate Sob Conners and Mandalore Korlan Mereel. A significant array of VIPs were seated, Alex Tylger, Typhon Corbin, Tyr DeMeer, Dac & Alysia Kain, Jado Dur’rik, Kimberly Tylger, and Draith Shadux just some of those gathered.

Speaking from the raised platform towards the rear of the hall, Viceroy Jansen began: “Earlier Today, as you all know, I gave an address to my Cabinet and Directorate where I made clear my plans for retirement. Before that happens, I would like to take this moment to thank those guests who accepted my invitation to come today. Particularly, I would like to pay tribute to my fellow leaders of the Concordiate, whose support has been instrumental to the Federation, and helpful to me personally, since our time in the Imperial Union down to the present day.”

“Today is one of the most profound in all my nine years of leading the Federation. It signals a new era, in which I have no doubt that my successor will continue to protect the interests of the Federation and her allies, and uphold the three pillars of our community; Honor, Integrity, and Profit.” The Viceroy paused, and closed his speech by presenting his successor, Regent Nohv Schiller, to the Cabinet, “I request that the Cabinet affirm my decision to make Regent Nohv Schiller Viceroy of the Trade Federation.” Each Cabinet member rose to give their assent to the appointment. At the conclusion of this symbolic action, the Hall broke into applause for the two Viceroys of the Trade Federation before them.”

After a short moment Viceroy Jansen left the stage leaving the new Viceroy to address the chamber.

“Today is a day I was not certain I would ever see. Nine years ago I began my career, and nine years from then I stand before you a sentient unforeseen. I never intended to become Viceroy, even while serving as Jacob’s Duceroy. Nearly a decade of service to this galaxy’s preeminent leader had spoiled me into believing he would always be the face and heart of the Federation. That in mind, I find myself grateful and overwhelmed to be chosen as the one to succeed such a man.”

Never one for lengthy speeches, Viceroy Schiller gave a brief but comprehensive summary of Viceroy Jansen’s achievements and the legacy he leaves before continuing on to discuss the future of the Trade Federation…

“As a Viceroy, I am remarkably lucky. I ascend to my position at a time when the Federation has already become something of grandeur and influence in the galaxy. There is even a further vision already in place for us to achieve. We have our Empire of Trade, our commercial success, and it is time to work to share that success.

With that goal in mind, the Federation will be providing the opportunity for businesses to apply for licenses to produce, market, and sell the majority of the products we have manufacturing designs for. These licenses will make licensees competitive in that there will be a limited number allowed per product, the licensees will have the lowest rental costs, and our Department of Trade will assist in marketing and the administrative aspects of sales.

Our primary hope is that these advantages will enable companies to focus upon the business of commerce, without the need to diversify into real estate and other such passive investments.”

Viceroy Schiller paused to gesture towards High Ambassador Tovakinpi Toshikhan and Minister of Production Ted Winner, standing off to the side, “Ambassador Toshikan and Minister Winner will be most involved in this endeavor, along with our Director of Trade, Tanez Kalrade. These three men, as well as myself, will be primary points of contact for applicants and those business we deliberately seek out.”

To culminate his address, Viceroy Schiller descended from the dais to a more comfortable setting, mingling with the numerous guests at the bar.

Year 18, Day 61 | | Royal

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