A New Chapter: Trade Federation Viceroy Appointed

The setting skies over Taanab marked the end of a historic day for the Trade Federation as Viceroy Jansen announced that he would be retiring. The Federation fleet had assembled for manoeuvres above the planet, clearly visible from the cities below, guiding dignitaries from across Federation space to the palace and putting on a display for the bustling crowds. In a ceremony held at the Royal Palace, Salamku Derov was invested by the Cabinet as the Trade Federation’s ninth Viceroy.

In a speech to the grandees which had packed the palatial auditorium, Viceroy Jansen explained his decision to step down as a moment long in the planning: “When I returned to lead the Federation over two years ago, I had always intended for it to be temporary. We have been preparing for this day for many months now, and while I am glad to see a new generation of leaders take over the burden, I am saddened by the fact that I will not have the privilege of leading this great enterprise any longer. Re-assuming the Viceroyalty reminded me of why we are where we are as a group; the billions who have helped build our Federation from almost nothing, and the billions more who will keep building it into the future.”

Touching on many subjects which had defined his reign, from the Federation’s accession to the Imperial Union, the subsequent declaration of neutrality, or the development of the Trade Federation Market, Viceroy Jansen emphasised the tremendous efforts of those who had helped make his time as leader a success. “For eleven years I have led us and for all of them I have had the support and advice of some of the most skilled individuals in the entire galaxy: I can move on safe in the knowledge that whatever happens, and through all the changes likely to grip the galaxy, we will continue to chart a course of stability and prosperity, led by some of the most capable sentients.”

Speaking from the chamber’s central platform, Viceroy Jansen concluded by seeking the Cabinet’s approval for his successor: “This moment is as profound today as it was two years ago. The Trade Federation will enter a new era under a new Viceroy, and I have no doubt that my successor will be as dedicated in this role as he has been in all others, to the ideals of our community and to the interests of our group: Honor, Integrity, and Profit.” The Viceroy paused and turned to his Cabinet: “I request that the Cabinet affirm my decision to make Salamku Derov Viceroy of the Trade Federation.” As each Cabinet member rose to give their assent, the hall broke into applause. Jansen’s final speech to the chamber as Viceroy concluded to a standing ovation, closing the chapter on one of the most remarkable and influential leaders of modern times.

The new Viceroy addressed the palace a short time later: “I wish to start by paying tribute to what Viceroy Jansen has achieved, and to say a few words about what yet lies for us to do.”

“I count myself fortunate to have worked with Jacob on many of the changes that have shaped our Federation over the last seven years I have been in the Cabinet. But it is a testament to the consistency and perseverance of his leadership that many more of the most profound changes predate even that.” Addressing Viceroy Jansen directly, “Eight Duceroys, dozens of Ministers and countless Directors have followed the direction set for us since you first led the Federation in Year 8. It is undeniable that you have acted only ever in the best interests of our community and succeeded where many other leaders have failed.”

“For many years I have stood by Viceroys Jansen and Schiller, working towards our shared goal of a truly successful and great Federation. I did not think that one day I would be asked to lead that effort. Nevertheless, with the blessing of the Viceroy and of the Cabinet I accept the mantle of Viceroy and all that it entails.”

Viceroy Derov spoke on several major issues such as foreign and commercial policy, where he was keen to emphasise that he did not intend to upend the status quo. As he saw it, his mandate was “to maintain the course set by Viceroy Jansen and those before him: a course of progress, prosperity, and of peace. A course which, in any case, I have strongly supported for nearly ten years, and one we have endorsed time and again as a group. Wars will rage, governments will rise and fall, but we will keep to this.” As the new Viceroy’s speech concluded, the major celebrations for the occasion kicked off, led by flypasts from Ministry of Defense pilots.

Year 21 Day 292 | | Royal

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