Department of Trade Licensing Program

On Y18 D188 the Trade Federation announced that potential business partners would be invited to become licensed producers of select technology owned by the Federation. Developing upon the consumer convenience provided by the DoT and the Trade Federation Market, licensing gives companies the opportunity to expand their market reach by adding many of the TFs most popular products to their shops.

Key Details:

The benefits to companies which want to work with the Federation in this are substantial, but two fundamental requests are made of companies that do so, both of which underpin how we see trading.

  • All TF products must be sold on TFM.
  • No TF products may be sold to any individual and group (or member of any group) listed on the Trade Federation Blacklist.

As a government the Trade Federation stands, as much as it has always, not only for free trade, but safe, honest and ethical trading. Without confidence in the system around you and trust in your business partner to see through their end of the deal, trade and commerce cannot flourish to its fullest extent. And so we have barred those who threaten this system or its supporters from accessing its benefits, enabling consumers and producers to engage in trade without threat to their person and goods.

How to Apply:

Any groups interested should contact the Trade Ambassador for further information. Contract templates, length, pricing and other aspects of the program can be discussed in greater depth.

Additional Information:

Current licensees, and our technology they produce, can be searched for below. All technology listed below is available for licensing, and the same products may be licensed to multiple groups. The right hand tab above provides a map and the coordinates of all shops where licensed TF goods can be purchased.