Trade Federation

Welcome to the Trade Federation

The Trade Federation was built on the foundations of honor, integrity and profit and has always strived to abide by that motto. While the rest of the galaxy collapses in on itself due to corrupt politics and frivolous wars, the Trade Federation remains unscathed and continues to deliver goods throughout the entire galaxy.

Viceroy Nohv Schiller has pledged to uphold the tenet of honor, integrity and profit by ensuring that the Trade Federation remains impartial in all matters relating to commerce and under no circumstances overlooking any client.

Despite the fact that the Trade Federation started as a small trading organization, it is now a superpower whose influence can be felt throughout the entire galaxy. With each passing day the Trade Federation solidifies its control on the systems in its jurisdiction which in turn results in many governments and factions lining up to create trade contracts with the Trade Federation. Being a fully fledged government headquartered in the Zeemacht Cluster, the Trade Federation will remain unaffected by the war torn galaxy and continue its path of success.

Announcing TFM 3.1!

TFNN - Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

The Department of Trade is pleased to announce our latest version of TFM, version 3.10. With this version, you will find the following updates. Please feel free to contact any TFM staff member with any comments, questions, or additional ideas. We hope you enjoy these features and hope to see you using TFM daily.

- Auctions (Sealed & Public) are now an available listing type, each with their own listing types
- Raffles are now available as a listing type, and the system will randomly choose a winner. No need for annoying posts or money transfers here!
- Terms & Conditions Popup - Every time a shop changes its terms & conditions, the customer will need to re-affirm the changed terms (forcing them to at least acknowledge and hopefully read them)
- Users can submit news: Found under the "Actions" Link in the top menu bar, shops and factions can now submit for approval their own advertisements and news. Please keep these articles to one per month, and trade-related (politics have their place, but not here)
- Recently added page: now shows all listings since you last logged in that have been added.
- Price index now on search page: search for data and listings at the same time!
- Sales tools for shops: each shop can now add sales for a set period of time. Please do not abuse or additional rules will be enforced.
- CPM sync now weekly and not based on when something sells on TFM: for your better data!
- Single listings expire after 30 days, can be relisted easily: a link will appear if your listing is removed to easily re-list with no edits.
- Discount Removed or Used now always displays on orders (user suggestion)
- Buy-It-Now now checks for days between orders for shops (bug/user suggestion)
- Can now be a member of more than one faction account if needed (user request)

- Bug on Reviews: squashed a few bugs that caused reviews to not appear
- Bug on completing orders with RMs and the Price Index (another squashed bug)
- Fixed a bug where a faction could buy it’s own shop’s listings


Viceroy Jacob Jansen Retires

TFNN - Federation Planace - Taanab - Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

When I first joined the Trade Federation it was but a small faction without direction and purpose. Today it stands an Empire with no equal. The perfect opportunity for me to move ahead with my plans to retire.

Today I am announcing my resignation from the position of Viceroy of the Trade Federation. This is a very heavy-minded decision I have been planning for some time. It's not easy to do so. Still, every leader must understand there is a time when change is needed, and I feel that time has come. I have been the commanding Viceroy of the Trade Federation since Year 8 Day 333 after the resignation of Viceroy Bren Morgarr. Just shy of a decade. That makes me the longest reigning Viceroy to date. Even so, I haven't always been just the Viceroy.

I started my career in the Department of Defense long before the Ministry of Defense existed and served as Trias Territory Military Governor. My first post was on the Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser TFN Peacekeeper. I then moved to the Corporate Alliance, our trade faction at the time, and worked very closely with my old friend, Garven Stalwart. I worked my way up in the faction till I reached Vice President. Returning to the Trade Federation after an offer from another good friend, Duceroy Centauri Tyridius, to lead the newly established Ministry of the Interior. I was promoted to Minister and was given access for the first time to the Federation Cabinet.

Shortly after that a leadership issue arose in the Techno Union. At the time it was our only ship producer. The longtime leader, Larbac Darkclaw, who I am sure none of you remember, had gone MIA and Viceroy Bren Morgarr had asked me to step in and take over as President to restore order and start up ship production. Looking back, this was my favorite post. Not only was I able to rebuild the faction from scratch, but I was able to manage the first ever production of Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht and even more important our very first produced Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship.

Waters in the Trade Federation became rough when Duceroy Tyridius resigned due to issues that formed between him and Viceroy Morgarr. I was nominated and quickly appointed Duceroy. This marked the beginning of my ambitions to become Viceroy. After some time as Duceroy and working with Viceroy Morgarr, issues again started to form between the Viceroy and myself. Right before the waters were about to boil over, I asked Viceroy Morgarr to resign. With the full backing of the Cabinet and a great act of loyalty to the Trade Federation, Viceroy Morgarr resigned and appointed me his replacement, Viceroy of the Trade Federation.

I will be the first one to admit my leadership was not without mistakes. We had rough times in the beginning of my reign. The Trade Federation was very different than it is today. Our fleet was no larger than 300 ships. Half of this was Y-Wings and other fighters. We only owned 5 Lucres. Our monthly income was under 50 million credits. Our structure was, in all honesty, a huge mess. My predecessors had established the Confederacy of Independent Systems, composed of some of our nationalized factions and close allies at the time. Allies like Kuat Drive Yards before it was purchased and Triumvirate Security Force before they became the Triumvirate Coalition. It was a large group of factions that were loosely tied together in the CIS Senate, and the Trade Federation, which was the unofficial ruling government. This naturally caused a lot of head-butting when anything needed to be done.

On top of the CIS, each of our nationalized factions had their own logistics, security, sales, and management teams outside of Trade Federation structure. This made for an everyone-for-themselves sort of feel and attitude with no clear line of command back to the Cabinet and the Viceroy. In fact, the Directorate did not even exist. The leadership body was the Cabinet (made up of a lot more members than it is today), while the CIS Senate was essentially the equivalent of today's Directorate. My main objective was to fix all these problems and streamline everything to become more productive and only have one objective: the advancement of the Trade Federation. What happened next was a lot of hard decisions, arguments, members leaving, and a few betrayals. A very difficult, but necessary transition for the Trade Federation.

Since then I will list of some off the major accomplishments:
- Peace treaty signed ending hostilities between the Galactic Empire and the Trade Federation.
- Confederate Mining Corporation formed with Avarik Ragnos as its first leader.
- Confederacy reverts back to Nationalized Factions once again. TC, TMC, TST, TSF and AAI withdraw.
- Trade Federation joins the Imperial Union.
- Starsign Shipyards merged with the Techno Union.
- Metropolisation of Rafa V completed, TF population passes 200 billion.
- Confederacy of Independent Systems disbanded. All Nationalized Factions are now merged as departments of the Trade Federation.
- Complete redesign of Trade Federation structure. What we have today. This includes a ranking system spread out over the entire Federation and a reorganization of the chain of command.
- Ministry of Production created.
- Stennes Node Sector acquired in a trade from the Galactic Empire.
- Trade Federation forms a full alliance with the Hapes Consortium.
- Metropolisation of Nargorn completed, TF population passes 300 billion.
- Galaxy Shift (Not an accomplishment, but to note when it happened)
- The planet Neimoidia is once again under the control of the Trade Federation.
- Metropolisation of Pengalan IV completed, TF population passes 400 billion.
- Federation scouts locate the system of New Apsolon.
- Trade Federation, along with Hapes Consortium, Mandalore, Tion Hegemony and Aurodium Legion, withdraw from the Imperial Union.
- Trade Federation declares neutrality from the Galactic Civil War.
- Citizenship program launched.
- Trade Federation forms the largest neutral alliance in the galaxy, the Galactic Concordiate, with the ratification of the Treaty of Forsetti signed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen, King Alexander Tylger, Mand`alor Tyr DeMeer, Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, and Legate Dorn Zeke.
- Department of Trade formed with Tanez Kalrade as Director of Trade.
- The Avance Coalition merges with the Trade Federation. The merger includes most of TAC territory as well as factions Rendili StarDrive, Centurion Arms, and Alpha Medical Corps.
- Trade Federation forces once again return and occupied the planet of Naboo after it is traded for the Abbaji System.
- Trade Federation Market released and all Trade Federation sales are moved to the market.

Factions Purchased by the Trade Federation:
- Starsign Shipyards (Ship Faction) later merged into the Techno Union (Ship Faction).
- Baktoid Armour Workshop (item faction).
- Stars` End Entertainment (info faction) later dissolved.
- Zone Supplies Limited (item faction) later merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop.
- Creshaldyne Industries (item faction) later merged into Baktoid Armour Workshop.
- Kuat Drive Yards (Ship Faction) later the Techno Union (Ship Faction) merged into KDY.
- Rendili StarDrive after The Avance Coalition merges into the Trade Federation.
- Centurion Arms after The Avance Coalition merges into the Trade Federation.
- Alpha Medical Corps after The Avance Coalition merges into the Trade Federation.
- Akheton Vehicle Corporation (vehicle faction) later merged into the Techno Union (vehicle faction).

It's been so long I know I am leaving something out. There are many other tax planets and construction projects not mentioned off the top of my head. Too many to list off. But this is how we got to where we are today. I can't claim sole credit for these. There were so many members who were heavily involved. This has been planned for almost a year now. To my dismay, the retirement of Regent Olwin Froon, who did not wish to become Viceroy due to personal restraints, was the first step. The next step was the appointment of Duceroy Salamku Derov and the inevitable promotion of our Regent Nohv Schiller, my successor.

It has been an absolute honor and privilege to serve as your Viceroy. I can't think of a better place to be in the entire galaxy. I have devoted so much and will continue to do so for years to come. This is my home and I will never leave it.

That said, I would like to introduce to you your new Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Viceroy Nohv Schiller!

With approval from the Cabinet I hereby resign from the post of Viceroy of the Trade Federation and surrender all titles and privileges associated to Nohv Schiller, your new Viceroy.


The Next Chapter of Trade Federation Leadership

TFNN - Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

Today I am pleased to announce the next chapter of the Trade Federation. It was a sad day when Regent Olwin Froon had to step down. The line of succession was cut for a short time. However this has been fixed.

I hereby appoint Duceroy Nohv Schiller to the post of Regent of the Trade Federation, officially making him my successor for Viceroy. After many years of loyal and dedicated service to the Trade Federation, Regent Schiller has proven himself time and time again. His leadership and experience are second to none. If and when the day comes, I will have no fear nor worry leaving the Trade Federation in his very capable hands.

Keeping the Roy team staffed and always active, the Cabinet has approved my nomination to fill Regent Schiller's previous post as Duceroy. Congratulations to none other than our very own master of production, Salamku Derov! Duceroy Derov becomes the 14th man to hold the post of Duceroy and the 8th during my reign as Viceroy. I am sure his appointment is of no surprise. Duceroy Derov has accomplished far too many great deeds to list them off here. What is important to list off is that he is well liked and equally respected in the Federation. He is able to work well with others including Regent Schiller and myself. He is loyal, dedicated, extremely active and very capable of getting anything done no matter what it might be. He will serve the Trade Federation well as my right hand man and essentially co leader of the Trade Federation!

With this very active Roy team we have, Regent Schiller will focus more on helping me with our overall strategy and co-operation with our friends and allies. With the state of the galaxy and the constant threats that hunt for any weakness in our armor we always have work to do. Duceroy Derov on the other hand will primarily manage the very colossal amount of administrative duties for the Trade Federation. I am very excited for this new team and look forward to the future!


Small Business Development Program Announced

TFNN - Obroa System, Nouane Sector

In a short press conference held via HoloNet, Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen, High Ambassador Tovakinpi Toshikhan, and Minister of Production Salamku Derov announced the formation of a new initiative for supporting small businesses operating in Federation Space, the Trade Federation Small Business Development Program.

Commerce in Federation space has long been dominated by nationalized businesses like Dorinian Military Corps and the Techno Union, with smaller businesses - even wildly popular outfits like Hrast Holdings and Dail's Delicious Deals, LLC - not getting as much exposure to the masses. This new program is designed to extend the spirit of the fundamental principles of the Federation, Honor, Integrity, and Profit, to a wider array of entrepreneurs than ever before. Said Viceroy Jansen during the announcement, "I am pleased to be able to give back to the less-fortunate companies. A healthy economy benefits everyone and if we can support smaller companies from the ground up to be able to contribute, we all win."

According to the press release that accompanied the announcement:

"The Trade Federation has, for over a decade continually sought, and been largely successful, in supporting the activities and ambitions of many of the galaxy's finest entrepreneurs. The motives for this support of the trading community are manifold; the Federation is made up of individuals, from Viceroy to Cadet, committed to the Trade Federation's founding principles, Honor, Integrity, and, Profit. The history of the Federation since Viceroy Corbin Esco's reformation over ten years ago produced a legacy of both strong support for the galaxy's trading community, and for the provision of an environment where contract is king. Honor and Integrity of contract are the foundations of the Trade Federation's business reputation. It is a legacy the Federation is proud to bear.

Fledgling new businesses, and small commercial associations (e.g. many of the various sorts of non-faction groups) have long been a cornerstone of the galactic trading community. Committed to new concepts, ideas, and, practices the individuals at the helm of these enterprises have time and again proven their ability to rise up and conquer entire industries when adequately fueled by dedication, perseverance, and the insight of veteran investors. The Federation itself has derived great benefit from its role, and concomitant responsibilities within and towards galactic traders and new businesses. Over the long course of this active engagement, many individuals with whom we have formed a strong business relationship have subsequently taken the immense decision to bring their companies into partnership with the Federation. In a select few cases these individuals and their companies have even been purchased by the Federation or its allies with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Recognizing the success of these past investments the Trade Federation has chosen to expand, formalize, and publicize the process by which it invests in and helps to accelerate the growth and ultimate success of ambitious new start-ups and rapidly growing small businesses. As of Year 17 Day 243, we invite any entrepreneurs in good standing with the galactic trading community, the Trade Federation, and her allies, to apply for the Trade Federation Small Business Development Program."

The Small Business Development Program is designed to offer support to groups looking to establish a secure, more permanent location for their groundside business operations. Support comes from a variety of avenues, including help in finding a place to build brick-and-mortar facilities, startup loans, and preferred access to raw materials for production. Additionally, the Federation will be offering consultation services regarding optimum production and storage facility layouts. All that is required for someone to apply for assistance under the Small Business Program is to be a Federation citizen, have a clean trading and criminal record, to show an active and engaged group of employees, to submit a business plan, and to interview with Federation officials.

Reporters were able to talk to High Ambassador Toshikhan to ask about his opinions regarding the Small Business Development Program. He responded, "The Trade Federation Small Business Development Program is a projection of the core values of the Trade Federation and a reflection of its roots. The Trade Federation started as a small trading organization, that fact is often forgotten. Where dozens of new companies form every year, few survive. Business is one of the most competitive aspects in this galaxy. The Trade Federation is looking back at its roots and offering guidance to those that follow in its footsteps so that more companies, more great products and great ideas can be given the opportunity to flourish throughout the galaxy."


Trade Federation Market Enters A New Era

TFNN - Forsetti, Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

The Viceroy began, "It is my pleasure to announce that, after several hundred hours of work by the officials at the Federation's Department of Trade and the many programmers at the Information Technology Development Bureau, the latest improvements to the Trade Federation Market holosite have finally been completed." After pausing briefly for a sip of water the Viceroy continued, "In the nearly three standard years that the Market has been in operation we have had considerable success in attracting customers from across the galaxy. Additionally, throughout that period we partnered with many successful private companies to make a wide-range of highly sought after goods readily available. Despite the success of the market, with an average of over a billion credits a month in sales throughout its lifespan and with many satisfied customers, we nonetheless did not think development of the Market was complete."

"Continuing, "Over the years, and by taking in many of the complaints and suggestions which were made of the Market, we have re-envisioned it, and in so doing we have sought to make it far more flexible than it has hitherto been. The Trade Federation Market Network is now an open platform, no longer restricting users to purchasing solely from the Department of Trade and its manifold terms and conditions. Entrepreneurs, corporations, and governments all may now create their own shops and bazaars on the Market, and are provided with sufficient flexibility as to determine their own policies, procedures, and even who may purchase from their marketplaces. We hope this will encourage groups on all sides of the current galactic conflict, to utilize the new Market, and thereby foster greater interaction among the trading community.""

"The Viceroy gave way to Director of Trade Tanez Kalrade; the latter opened, "We are really excited to release the upgrades to our market. Not only has the site undergone a complete overhaul of the user interface, we have included a variety of new features to better serve anyone who may wish to trade using our system. Not only are third parties now capable of adding wares to the Market, we recognize the continuing importance of the CPM and the wealth of information it provides. To that extent, we have interfaced with Centrepoint Market to include pricing information on each listing. The Department, too, has adjusted some of its own prices, and many will notice a significant drop on the prices set for most wares offered by the Department. As the Viceroy commented, however, the greatest addition, and by far the most significant philosophical change to way the Department has spearheaded the 'Empire of Trade' doctrine, has been granting each user extensive control via the addition of individual, and faction, shops, with a multitude of features. Every faction - whether government or private - that is in good standing with the Federation has an account already created in our system. Any faction leaders or their designated second-in-command can contact me for access.""

Deputy Minister Winner, the final speaker, closed the conference, saying, "With the release of the new Market, the Department of Trade has further inaugurated an additional sales point to service the southern half of the galaxy. It had been remarked several times as to how the Asrat system was difficult to access for a great many individuals from somewhat more distant sectors. I am therefore announcing the location of a second sales point for the Department at the Murk system, in the Moddell sector. It is our hope that this serves as a more convenient destination for those entrepreneurs and customers scattered throughout the southern sectors of the galaxy. Finally, I would like to close this address by extending my thanks to all who made the old site the success it was, and to all those involved in bringing this revolutionary new sales platform to the galaxy. I look forward to seeing great adoption of this new sales platform as people begin to use it and come up with their own ways to use the tools we provide to bring diverse sales to the galaxy on this one, new, centrally-located sales platform!"

Director Kalrade, commenting to individual reporters after the conference closed noted, "I am excited to see how the galaxy reacts to such a game-changing market being added in collaboration with Centrepoint. I hope to see the pair of marketplaces work together to bring a new era of trading and selling to the galaxy."